About Us

Professional Lighting Design Solutions and Consultation

Lighting Specialists Australia has a team of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds (including architecture, interior, mining, sports, road and building lighting).  We are dedicated to develop total concepts in visual perception and converting them into real experiences.
Our in-house design skills include lighting design for office, facade, Heritage, architecture, workshops, Sport stadiums, roads and paths, stockyards, conveyors, transfer stations, crushers, open pit, jetty and wharf lighting for mining areas.

We provide concepts, modify architectural rendered impressions to simulate completed projects, and simulate environments through computer modelling.  Computer modelling includes calculation of lighting level as well as computer generated 3-D colour rendered images.  Our computer simulations can be for electric light, sunlight, daylight and the combination of solar and electric light.

Design of sustainable and practical lighting for mining areas, processing plants and onshore facilities requires good understanding of the Australian standards, mining lighting requirements and the mining environmental conditions.

Careful consideration needs to be taken to address Occupational Health and Safety issues on site. Lighting Specialists Australia provides sensible lighting design in line with the Client’s target to minimize potential harm in the workplace, and the same time give proper consideration to the environmental aspects of the lighting.

As Lighting Designers we are in touch with world leading manufacturers of lighting, lighting systems and lighting related materials and finishes as a standard ongoing process of being at the leading edge of knowledge.  We contribute back to the industry by serving in voluntary positions for the IESANZ  (The Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia and New Zealand).